World Superyacht Awards 2023

The recipients of the esteemed accolades at the 2023 World Superyacht Awards have been unveiled, divulging the remarkable victors in various esteemed categories. 

Kenshō, the recipient of the prestigious Motor Yacht of the Year award at the 2023 World Superyacht Awards, emerged victorious from a pool of remarkable contenders in the Semi-Displacement and Displacement Motor Yacht classes. Through an extensive evaluation process, Kenshō, meaning “seeing one’s true nature” in Japanese, triumphed decisively, owing to its distinctive qualities driven by the discerning owner’s vision. 

Kensho yacht

The yacht’s meticulous design, curated after the owner’s visits to prominent vessels worldwide, resulted in noteworthy features such as elevated deckheads, serene room volumes, minimized side decks, and the absence of a main saloon. 

Alea, a remarkable sailing yacht designed by Germán Mani Frers and impeccably built by Vitters, has been bestowed with the prestigious title of Sailing Yacht of the Year at the esteemed World Superyacht Awards 2023. Alea emerged triumphant due to her exceptional design tailored to her owner’s specific desires. 

Alea superyacht

Frers’ ingenuity manifested in a powerful and streamlined hull, featuring a distinct reverse bow to enhance waterline length and speed while maintaining comfortable sailing angles.

Marala, a timeless motor yacht originally crafted by Camper & Nicholsons in 1931, has garnered unanimous acclaim as the outstanding winner in the Rebuild class. Following an extensive two-and-a-half-year reconstruction at Pendennis Shipyard in Falmouth, Marala’s original essence was painstakingly revitalized by stripping away previous modifications.

With over 100 tonnes of steel replaced, primarily in the unfaired hull to preserve its authentic appearance, Marala underwent meticulous enhancements in stability, services, and power systems, ensuring her preservation as a cherished maritime treasure. 

The World Superyacht Awards 2023 also celebrated a host of other remarkable winners, including Athos in the Refitted Yachts category, Sørvind in the Sailing Yachts segment for vessels ranging from 30m to 49.9m, and Alea for Sailing Yachts measuring 50m and above. 

Blue Jeans triumphed in the Semi-Displacement or Planing Motor Yachts class for yachts spanning 30m to 34.9m, while Rush emerged victorious in the 35m to 41.9m category, and Callisto claimed the coveted title in the 42m and above division. In the realm of Displacement Motor Yachts, Unknown claimed victory in the 30m to 39.9m range, Acala secured the accolade for yachts measuring 40m to 44.9m, and Ocean Z triumphed in the 45m and above category within the 499GT and below classification. 

Notably, Come Together emerged as the victor in the Displacement Motor Yachts division for vessels ranging from 500GT to 1,499GT, while Kenshō claimed the crown in the 1,500GT and above category. Additional distinguished awards included the Voyager’s Award presented to V6, the Legacy Award bestowed upon Rahmi M. Koç, and Judges’ Special Awards granted to Shinkai, Coral Ocean, and Nebula, signifying their extraordinary contributions to the superyacht industry.

The 2023 World Superyacht Awards has thus heralded the celebration of worthy maritime achievements, each signifying a hallmark of extraordinary yacht craftsmanship and design. From distinguished motor yachts to groundbreaking sailing vessels, these remarkable recipients have set a new benchmark in superyacht standards. 

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