Planning to Purchase a Yacht?

A         Hiring a broker can save you time and make the process easier, simpler and faster too. A broker with vast experience and in-depth knowledge can make the process comfortable and also takes care of every detail of the procedure minutely. Brokers have an extensive network of contacts in the industry and their market knowledge is of great advantage in making the transaction successful. Their network can help you find the right yacht at the price based on your preferences and requirements. At Glamour Yacht, we offer expert advice on how to proceed when you decide to purchase a yacht that is also an expensive possession for the owners.

A         It all depends on what you want for yourself and whether it is easily available in the market. Moreover, you brokers must be able to understand your requirements and also how you want to use your yacht. Once you have explained your requirement in detail, your broker will work to find a suitable yacht available in the market. After you have found your yacht, the remaining process of purchase generally takes from 6 to 8 weeks. It might also vary from one broker to another.

A         The purchase process includes detailed surveys, sea trial and other performance checks. Just to maintain a very mutual understanding between us and our clients, we avoid any type of conflict of interest. We do not act as an investigator or surveyor on behalf of our client in the process. We make sure we provide you with all necessary services to make the process hassle-free, reliable and fast for you.

A         Running costs of yachts vary mainly depending on the build, age, size, and current condition of the yacht. It also depends on how well the owner has performed maintenance of the yacht annually. After you have discovered the yacht of your choice, our team at Glamour Yacht will provide you with the best advice on possible maintenance and running expenses. There is no fixed running cost, it varies based on various factors.

A         We at Glamour Yacht provide several after-sales services after the purchase process is complete. It includes – yacht registration, crew service, operational management, financial services and more.

Planning to Sell Your Yacht?

A         Hiring a broker to sell your yacht can save you time and at the same time even help you get the best deal available in the market. Also, you can avoid all the uncertainties in the process as your brokers know the industry better. A broker also has access to a network of brokers to help you find the right yacht as per your requirements and preferences. Yacht brokers also have vast experience in the industry which is a great advantage in managing relationships between all parties involved in the process. At Glamour Yacht, we ensure you get the best market price for your yacht.

A         You need effective marketing plans to approach your prospective buyers. Your broker will discuss with you to create an effective plan so that it can handle all the questions they receive from your potential buyers. Also, you will need to fix a time for the yacht viewing for your buyers. Once you find the buyer, Glamour Yacht will help close the rest of the processes right from negotiation, overseeing sale agreement, survey, sea trial, performance check, examining damages, dents, rusts, etc. documentation and delivery, confirming a successful sale of your yacht.

A         Time depends on several factors that include – price, location of the seller, age of the yacht and also its overall condition. Using these factors, your broker can guide you on what is the right position for your yacht for a successful deal. As soon as you find your buyer, the sales process normally takes 6 to 8 weeks to complete at Glamour Yacht.

A         Brokers also help you list your yacht at multiple local and global aggregator websites. Online listing of your yacht helps in giving your yacht greater visibility. Greater visibility means greater potential buyers and better price.

Glamour Yacht use several methods for advertising to increase the visibility of yachts. The job of a broker is to reach out to the audience by devising an appropriate strategy. Some of the common approaches are e-marketing, yacht events and boat shows, print media, online listing, brokers and representatives, all together for a professional understanding.

A         It is very crucial to ask for a fair price to ensure a successful sale. At Glamour Yacht we help you establish the right market value for your yacht as we have access to various yacht price data that is otherwise not available to the public.

A         The paperwork requirements include right from the beginning Offer to Purchase, Bill for Sale, Licensing, Registration; to Paying Tax, Ownership Certificates, Security Agreements, and other necessary documents required to complete a sale.

A         We at Glamour Yacht listen closely to your requirements and will help you in your decision making at the best value. Brokers are aware of the yachts for sale and purchase and can guide you whether or not to spend your time inspecting a particular yacht or a buyer of your yacht. They have all the details of the yachts available for sale and purchase in the market. Only a professional broker knows the right value of yachts in the market. Brokers have complete knowledge of current market conditions, they are also familiar with similar yachts, and information on the latest sale prices, which are otherwise not available to the public.

A         Yacht brokers are a bridge between the sellers and buyers of yachts. They advertise, list, market, negotiate, enquire, do paperwork and do every other thing in the process that makes the sale and purchase of yachts a very convenient affair.


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