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Are you looking to buy a luxury yacht? Discerning yacht buyers in the UAE want it all – opulence, adventure, exclusive experiences, and a status symbol representing their good taste. If the world of bespoke luxury yachts is new to you, don’t worry. Glamour Yacht – the premier yacht consultant in Dubai – is recommending the top 5 most trusted yacht builders for some of the most sought-after luxury yachts.

1. Lürssen (Germany, 1871)

The German yacht builder Lürssen has been redefining yachting grandeur since 1871. With a legacy of more than 150 years, the iconic vessels it has produced include the 180-meter Ahpo which has some of the top-of-the-league amenities like an underwater cinema and helipad.

If you are looking to buy a luxury yacht, you will love Lürssen’s custom giants that constantly push the boundaries of what’s possible. Its 163-m Nord has lavish salons for some of the best soirees while its 142-m Kismet is more sleek and adventure-friendly.

Lürssen’s trophy cabinet boasts multiple World Superyacht Awards and Showboats Design Awards for their innovation and meticulous detailing streak. The company is famous for its unparalleled German engineering and its titans are built to last generations. 

2. Feadship (Netherlands, 1849)

Feadship is a Dutch yacht builder famous for building timeless and hi-tech ‘gentleman’s yachts’ since 1849. This company is known for its serene interiors. Its 90-m Halo is sleek, 90-m Aqua is sophisticated and elegant, and 88-m Viva has sun-drenched decks perfect for family adventures.

The yacht builder has won the prestigious Neptune Awards for its unwavering focus on owner involvement and bespoke experiences. It means that the company collaborates with you to make it your personal sanctuary and a reflection of your dreams. Each yacht it presents is as unique as you and an ode to Dutch craftsmanship. 

For those who want to buy luxury yachts with timeless designs and cutting-edge technology, Feadship yachts are perfect for passing on as family heirlooms. 

3. Amels (Netherlands, 1918)

Another Dutch yacht builder of repute, Amels has presented vessels with Dutch craftsmanship with modern ingenuity since 1918. Known for its forward-thinking approach, Amels crown of the fleet is its 80-m Amels 80 with a hybrid propulsion system and expansive living spaces. Another jewel in their crown is the 55-m Sea Axe is perfect for sea adventures. 

Amels yachts are big on luxury and also eco-conscious. So, they are perfect for those who are all for responsible yachting. If you are looking to buy a luxury yacht which is environmentally friendly and sustainable, Amels is your answer. The company has won multiple World Superyacht Awards and is known for its excellent build quality.

4. Benetti (Italy, 1873)

The grand dame of Italian yachting, Benetti is known for its flamboyant, head-turning creations. Working since 1873, Benetti has many iconic vessels to showcase. For those who are looking to buy a luxury yacht, the 90-m Ionian Princess from Benetti is much loved because of its mosaic-tiled infinity pool and deluxe salons.

Other showstopper yachts by Benetti include 112-m Oasis with expansive decks and 66-m Diamond 145 which is sleek and has a fiberglass hull. Benetti has won several Showboats Design Awards because of how eye-catching and extravagant its designs are.

Benetti is the world’s largest superyacht producer and is perfect for someone who wants to make a statement.

5. Oceanco (Netherlands, 1987)

If you want to buy a custom-made luxury yacht, Oceanco is perhaps your best choice. This Dutch shipyard was founded in 1987 and is situated in Alblasserdam, Netherlands. It is known for building innovative and unique vessels that cater to the most discerning clients.

An architecture of dream boats, Oceanco is at the forefront of trendy yacht designs, innovations, and new technologies. The 106-m Black Pearl, for example, has a ghost room with disappearing walls, underwater viewing areas, and a submarine garage. 

No wonder, this yacht builder has won multiple World Superyacht Awards, Showboats Design Awards, and Neptune Awards. 

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