According to a report by Research & Markets, the global market for the yacht industry is projected to reach US$13.7 billion in 2030 – suggesting a steady growth in yacht sales in the coming years. As an avid boat lover, here are the top 4 emerging trends in the yacht world you should keep an eye on:

1. Floating Villas and Larger Superyachts are in High Demand

A grand luxury hotel – Kempinski Floating Palace – is all set to welcome its first guests in November 2023. Anchored on an exclusive beach in Dubai on Jumeirah Beach Road, guests will be able to reach this 156-room and suite hotel or luxury villas by either speed boat or their own boats. It has an impressive yacht parking deck which can deck up to 16 yachts at a time and a connected floating helipad next to it.

The 196-ft Entourage is the star of the Monaco Yacht Show this year. It is the second hull in Amels’s 60 Limited Editions range known for radical yacht interiors. It has a calming space that mainly uses muted, zen colours. Large social areas on the top deck are the speciality of this boat. Its main deck has a fold-down balcony and the swim platform offers excellent access to the sea.

Yacht trends indicate that the demand for superyachts and floating villas is on the rise. The global market for megayachts looks promising for the next five years. Luxury yachts might be very expensive but are mostly privately owned with a professional crew. 

2. Artificial Semi-Submersible Islands Gaining Widespread Traction

The world’s largest coastal cities are home to almost 20% of the global urban population and they are sinking at alarming rates due to the weight of built infrastructure and other environmental factors, such as the rise of sea level and groundwater extraction.

The United Nations has been calling for research into floating cities for quite some time. South Korea is now building a prototype called ‘Oceanix Busan’ – a pontoon structure that floats on the water’s surface. It will require shallower waters and protection from wave energy. This will have three connected, floating islands with a lodging platform, research platform, and living platform. With time, it can expand to 20 platforms.

This floating city will have closed-loop water systems, operate on clean energy, support food production on a neighbourhood system, and will be a zero-waste place. It will also use biorocks to encourage marine growth and help with habitat regeneration.

3. Support Yachts Find Favour

In May 2021, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos bought a 417-foot superyacht that was so massive that it came with a support yacht with a helipad. Since then the demand for support yachts from mega-yacht owners is steadily growing. People with luxury yachts are now buying support yachts to trail along with their main yachts as a floating garage for their speedboats, submarines, and helicopters.

The yacht maker Amels, for example, has launched the Sea Axe 6711 – a gleaming 220-ft ship as a support yacht with enough space to hold a mega-chopper, a submarine, several speedboats, jet skis, floaties and all the scuba gear.

And we believe that this is just the beginning of this emerging trend.

4. Carbon Composites are in Demand as referred Material for Making Yachts

Carbon composites are made of carbon fibres embedded in a resin matrix. They are lightweight, strong, and durable. Also, they have high tensile strength, stiffness, and corrosion resistance. Hence, they are perfect for building lightweight, durable, and energy-efficient boats.

In conclusion, the yacht industry is navigating towards a future defined by opulence and innovation. Contact us at Glamour Yacht to find the perfect yacht for you.

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