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  • January 23, 2023
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Whatever is your plan, buy, sell or charter a yacht, you will need a yacht brokerage company or a yacht broker to complete the process. In recent times, the popularity of yachting has grown by many folds in Dubai and other parts of the world. In Dubai, you will find a long list of yacht brokers offering to make the best deal for you. However, it is an almost daunting task to find a quality broker who will make the process convenient for you. People who need a broker to buy, sell or charter a yacht either need to find them through contacts or online. If you already know somebody who can connect you to a broker, then nothing like that, but if you are new in this sector and not sure where to start and how to start, here you will find some helpful points to follow for your purpose.

So, how to start finding a yacht broker if you are unsure about the process?

Why do you need a yacht brokerage company in Dubai?

The very first thing that you will need to do is, ask yourself why you need a yacht brokerage company. Do you want to buy a yacht or sell a yacht or just charter a yacht for a vacation in Dubai? If Dubai is the place where you want to close your deal or charter a yacht, then you will need a yacht brokerage company.

Yacht Broker Dubai

Now that you know why and where you can focus on the purpose instead of getting distracted everywhere. Once you know the purpose of searching for a yacht brokerage company in Dubai, you will focus only on your needs. When you meet a broker, this is the first question he/she will ask you, and based on that, the rest of the processes will follow. If you want to buy a yacht, your broker will look for yacht sellers in Dubai; if you want to sell a yacht, your broker will focus on yacht buyers in Dubai or reach out to sources that will help you sell your yacht; and if you are planning a yacht charter vacation, you broker will connect you to yacht charter service providers in Dubai.

So, you should know why you need a broker, and accordingly, you will need to start your search.

What to consider before choosing a yacht broker?

First, find out if anybody in your network has any contacts with any yacht broker. If you know a broker company through contacts and it is good, you should go for it unless the broker does not match your budget and time. However, do not hire a broker just because he/she looks expensive to you. Many times, brokers who offer you low-cost services have hidden costs in their services.

Once you find a broker, try to look for recommendations and see if people you know are aware of the broker or if people who have hired the broker, did that for more than one transaction. This is a way to know if the broker is good at its services.

If you know any yacht brokerage company near your office or home. Contact them first. It will save you time and energy. Talk to them, and find out about their process and the cost of their services. However, always keep other options open.

What should you look for?

It is important to hire only experienced brokers with a few years of experience. Usually, more experience means more knowledge of the industry, more contacts, a better network, and more options for your deal.

Your brokers should be aware of the yachting industry and everything related to the buying, selling and chartering of yachts. They should know about the technology used, the build of yachts, different brands, which yacht is suitable for whom; what kind of yacht one should buy, which brand offers what and every other thing a buyer, seller, and some seeking a yacht charter would seek to know.

Your yacht brokerage company should have a good network. The better their network, the easier and faster the deal becomes. An experienced yacht brokerage company has yacht traders, sellers, buyers, charter service providers, yacht rental providers, promoters, manufacturers, insurance agents, marketers, yacht service providers, suppliers, etc, in their network. A good network is an asset for a yacht company.

This is another essential factor that you should check about the company. If the company has a reputation in the industry and market, then you will be assured that you are in good hands and will get the most suitable deal.

What can you expect from your yacht brokerage company?
Every broker will claim that they are the best in the market and will offer you the best deals. However, make sure that your broker is offering you the below-listed services:

  • Expertise in various types of services, price negotiation, helping you find a financier and an insurance company, billing services, etc.
  • List of yachts for sale (both new and used/pre-owned yachts), purchase, rental, and charter.
  • When can they arrange a meeting or visit with the yacht buyers, sellers, and charter companies?
  • Investigation of yacht services that may include technical, performance on the sea, interiors, features, speed, capacity, and other essential factors.
  • Availability of both bareboat charters and crewed charters.
  • Examination of yachts before you buy, sell, or charter.
  • Crew management, technical issues follow-up, and event planning services. Availability of trial on sea services.
  • Yacht listing options to reach out to buyers in case you are planning to sell your yachts.
  • Professionalism and good networking skills.
  • The person responsible for buying, selling, or chartering a yacht for you should know his job well, should enjoy his work, should possess good knowledge about the yacht industry and yachts, especially should be able to cater to your expectations very well.
  • Since the process of buying, selling, renting, and chartering a yacht is a time-consuming process, the person responsible should be patient and skilled in the art of customer management.

If you are looking for a yacht broker or a yacht brokerage company in Dubai with all the above solutions and hassle-free service, you can reach out to us, Glamour Yacht at +971 50 499 9613 and at info@glamour-yacht.com.